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Poly Haystack Like Terms

import mathy_envs.envs.poly_haystack_like_terms


PolyHaystackLikeTerms(self, kwargs: Any)
Act on any node in the expression that has another term like it somewhere else. For example in the problem:

2x + 8 + 13.2y + z^2 + 5x ^^---------------------^^

Applying any rule to one of those nodes is a win. The idea here is that in order to succeed at this task, the model must build a representation that can identify like terms in a large expression tree.


    env_state: mathy_envs.state.MathyEnvState, 
    expression: mathy_core.expressions.MathExpression, 
    features: mathy_envs.state.MathyObservation, 
) -> Optional[mathy_envs.time_step.TimeStep]
If all like terms are siblings.