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Poly Commute Like Terms

import mathy_envs.envs.poly_commute_like_terms


PolyCommuteLikeTerms(self, ops: Optional[List[str]] = None, kwargs: Any)
A Mathy environment for moving like terms near each other to enable further simplification.

This task is intended to test the model's ability to identify like terms in a large string of unlike terms and its ability to use the commutative swap rule to reorder the expression bringing the like terms close together.


    problem: mathy_envs.types.MathyEnvProblem, 
    config: mathy_envs.types.MathyEnvProblemArgs, 
) -> int
This task is to move two terms near each other, which requires as many actions as there are blocker nodes. The problem complexity is a direct measure of this value.


Distributive Property ab + ac = a(b + c)

The distributive property can be used to expand out expressions to allow for simplification, as well as to factor out common properties of terms.

Factor out a common term

This handles the ab + ac conversion of the distributive property, which factors out a common term from the given two addition operands.

       +               *
      / \             / \
     /   \           /   \
    /     \    ->   /     \
   *       *       a       +
  / \     / \             / \
 a   b   a   c           b   c


    env_state: mathy_envs.state.MathyEnvState, 
    expression: mathy_core.expressions.MathExpression, 
    features: mathy_envs.state.MathyObservation, 
) -> Optional[mathy_envs.time_step.TimeStep]
If the expression has any nodes that the DistributiveFactorOut rule can be applied to, the problem is solved.